What licensing model do you use?

We believe any form of restrictive licensing has the potential to be harmful to the young people you're looking after. In safeguarding situations when you require urgent access to information, there's nothing worse than being locked out due to licence restrictions. So we remove this problem by adopting a per placement licence model, not per user, allowing all your staff, carers and panel members to log onto Intuitivecare at the same time with no restrictions. Say goodbye to the days of sending emails asking for someone to log off before you can log on! Not only does this maintain business continuity, but it allows your costs to scale up and down as the number of placements increase or decrease.

Is there a cost for the carer mobile app?

No, the mobile app is free to use and access for carers is provided within our licensing model.

Is intuitivecare secure?

Yes. Intuitivecare has been developed with security at the forefront of our minds. It utilises Microsoft Azure hosting infrastructure and has been developed using the latest industry standard frameworks. It is compliant with the following regulatory standards; ISO27001, PCI DSS 3.2.1, SOC TSP and scores 40/40 against Microsoft Azure Security Benchmarking.

Do you use multi-factor authentication for logins?

Yes. MFA is enforced automatically for user logins. In addition to this, there is the option to integrate logins with Microsoft Office 365 too.

Not all my carers have mobile phones, can they still access Intuitivecare?

Yes. In addition to the mobile app, carers can access a web-based version that works exactly the same way as the mobile app.

Is there a difference between the carer mobile app and web app?

No. Functionality is exactly the same including the offline access during times when internet signal is poor.

Can Panel members access Intuitivecare, and if so, is there a cost?

Panel members can be added to Intuitivecare at no extra cost. What’s more, when given access, they can view documents and add notes directly to the panel. Please note, you have full control over which documents are made accessible and can revoke access at any time.

How much does it cost?

We do not publicise our pricing but would be happy to discuss this with you. Please get in touch.

Is there an agreement term?

Yes, 12 months.

Can you transfer my data from my existing system?

We would have to look at the system you currently use, but we already have an automated process for migrating customers data from Charms.

Do you have a carer pay and invoicing module?

Yes, and what's more it's easy to use and includes a powerful agreements module that keeps everything in a tidy place to provide quick and easy reporting.

Can Intuivecare manage staff records?

Yes, we have an extensive HR module that includes checks, activities, annual leave document signing and more.

Can Intuivecare match children and households?

Yes, we have a great matching system which helps you decide which household is available and can meet each child's needs the best.

How do you manage Safeguarding and significant events?

We have a unique stand alone Incident and Event module that allows you to accurately record any event type you wish to monitor. It is simple to use and is supported by key metrics that highlight when processes aren't being followed.

Are you committed to on going development and improvement?

100%. After 3 years of hard work, it's fantastic to see the faces of people we give demonstrations to and we want this to continue. We positively encourage feedback via a community based suggestions portal that allows users to vote for the new features they want to see, putting them right at the heart of our future roadmap.

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I love it! I’ve learned more about my children in 5 minutes on Intuitivecare than 5 years on my previous system (Managing Director)

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I've used many different fostering systems and this is by far the easiest. I love it! (Office Manager)

Safer Foster Care

For someone who's not very tech savvy, as you well know, I'm delighted to say this is very easy to use. (Foster Parent)

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