Does your fostering software help or hinder?

Running a fostering agency is no easy task. The volume of paperwork and processes can be overwhelming and the last thing you need is clunky software that makes your job even harder.

Welcome to the next generation of fostering software.

Intuitive by design

User experience has always been at the heart of everything we do, and so we developed Intuitivecare to be simple and easy to use for all users, no matter what their role. During early demonstrations, many agencies told us the software was 'intuitive' and 'easy to follow', and so the name was born!

Secure foundations

From the beginning, security has been a priority which is why we chose Microsoft Azure as our hosting partner. We are compliant with the following regulatory standards; ISO27001, PCI DSS 3.2.1, SOC TSP and score 40/40 against Microsoft Azure Security Benchmarking.

Info that "pops"

Coming from a fostering background we know the information that is essential for you to run a safe and successful agency. Intuitivecare ensures information 'pops' and is easily accessible. Say goodbye to running complicated reports or running separate spreadsheets to monitor key information.

Process driven

From its initial concept we have been clear. Intuitivecare must make processes easier to follow and help agencies stay compliant. Coming from both a regulatory and multi-registration agency background, we know the statutory requirements of the fostering sector and the data you need to generate to evidence good practice.

Get involved

Our people-centered approach means we are keen for the Intuitive community to have a voice and play a role in our development road-map. That’s why we’ve included a system that allows users to log requests for new features, and those with the highest votes will be prioritised for future development.

Automated migration

Migrating from existing industry systems couldn't be easier with our automated migration tool. Not only will this seamlessly import all your data into Intuitivecare, but it also serves as an effective audit of your data, highlighting shortfalls in existing records and flagging areas for improvement.

This is the software I would have wanted for my agency.

I’m Rob Brennan, one of the co-founders of Intuitivecare. As a fostering consultant and ex-owner of a successful fostering agency, I have first-hand experience of the frustrations caused by industry software that is clunky, built on old tech and fundamentally does not address the needs of the modern agency.

Working with many agencies, charities and local authorities over the last 4 years has not changed my opinion. I constantly see agencies struggle with their current systems, failing inspections due to shortfalls that their database should have alerted them to and having to use Excel to plug the gaps.

After years of complaining and seeing no progress or better options within our sector, I partnered with Dean Deacon, owner of a software development agency, with a vision to develop the next generation of fostering software.

3 years down the line, we’ve created the solution I would have wanted for my agency and I would love to show you how it works and what it can do for yours.

This is why we do what we do.

I love it! I’ve learned more about my children in 5 minutes on Intuitivecare than 5 years on my previous system (Managing Director)

Family Fostering

I've used many different fostering systems and this is by far the easiest. I love it! (Office Manager)

Safer Foster Care

For someone who's not very tech savvy, as you well know, I'm delighted to say this is very easy to use. (Foster Parent)

True Fostering Services

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