The next generation of fostering software

Helping fostering agencies improve children’s lives by working smarter

Improve child outcomes


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Enhance safeguarding

How can you be outstanding when your software requires improvement?

Manual processes and out-of-date software leave you exposed to poor practice, ultimately impacting on the quality of care you provide and holding you back from being an outstanding agency.

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Is your agency...

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Using workarounds to cover the shortfall in software functionality?

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Worried your inspector will find something before you do?

Finding it difficult to access the information you need?

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Struggling to manage the volume of paperwork?

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The next generation of fostering software for UK agencies.

Designed specifically for fostering agencies that are serious about working smarter. This is the software the fostering industry has been waiting for.

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Make life easier for your social workers

Managing a caseload has never been easier with pro-active tools that ensure nothing is missed.

Help managers make the right decisions

Easy access to key metrics helps managers make strategic decisions based on live data .

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Keep your carers happy

Simple to use app gives carers complete freedom over when and how they work.

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Simplify those admin tasks

Reduce paperwork and drive efficiencies through automation and structured data collection.

No more fearing your inspection

We help you find the shortfalls before your inspector does.

Change your fostering agency software in 3 steps

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A personalised software demo

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We work with you to create a migration strategy

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Start working smarter

Don’t let the fear of switching software hinder your progress. Our friendly on-boarding team will expertly guide you through every step of the transition, utilising our automated migration tools to ensure a seamless and efficient process. You can leave the office on Friday with peace of mind and return on Monday to a sleek, newly upgraded system.

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"This is the software I would have wanted for my agency"

Rob Brennan - Director of Intuitive Care

Rob is one of our co-founders. As an ex-agency owner of over 250 children, he’s had first-hand experience of the frustrations caused by software that simply doesn’t meet the needs of the modern agency.

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Ex-owner of an agency with 4 registrations

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Ex-fostering consultant and ex-inspector

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Over 30 years sector experience

Get fostering software that improves outcomes by supporting best practice.

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5 evidencing factors that will wow your inspector

See how Intuitive Care can tick many of the evidencing requirements when you have an OFSTED or CIW visit.

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