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Give your carers a helping hand.

Foster carers are the unsung heroes, tirelessly working to uplift the lives of vulnerable children. To support them in this, we have created a dedicated carer app that makes their job easier. With this app, carers can effortlessly log events and access vital information while on the go, eliminating the need to spend time at a computer after a long day.

Let’s explore how the carer app empowers foster carers to make a positive impact on the children’s lives.

Access from any device

Stay connected with the carer app, available on smart phones, tablets, and desktops, regardless of your device’s operating system. Whether you’re using iOS, Windows, or Android, the carer app is always within reach. And, with its offline mode feature, you can continue to log and access information even in areas with weak internet signals.

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Daily logs made simple

Making a log entry in the carer app is as easy as sending a text message! With the app, you can effortlessly document the daily activities and moments shared by foster parents and their children. And, with its mobile accessibility, you can capture and log life story events and showcase your good practices in real-time, even from the beach! Say goodbye to tedious logging and hello to an effortless, picture-perfect record keeping experience.!

Quick access to key information

Stay connected and informed, even on the go. The carer app gives you access to all the information you need, right at your fingertips. Whether you’re at home or out and about, the app keeps you updated with critical contact numbers and records from Local Authorities, so you can always get the support you need, no matter where life takes you.

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Documents and digital signing

Easily share and manage important documents through the app. Simply upload any document and request a digital signature, if necessary. This feature is perfect for supervisions, remittances, updates to policies and procedures, and much more. Streamline your document sharing and management process with the carer app.

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Capture expenses

Streamline your carers’ expense tracking and reduce their administrative burden. With the carer app, they can quickly and easily capture expenses, which are then subjected to an approval process before being seamlessly integrated into their pay calculations. Make expense tracking and management a breeze with the carer app.

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View remittances and statements

Eliminate administrative hassle for your accounts team with the carer app. Remittances are automatically accessible through the app, freeing up time for your accounts team to focus on other important tasks. The carer can also generate statements directly from the app, further streamlining the process and reducing administrative time for your accounts team.

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I love it! I’ve learned more about my children in 5 minutes on Intuitivecare than 5 years on my previous system

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I've used many different fostering systems and this is by far the easiest. I love it!

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For someone who's not very tech savvy, as you well know, I'm delighted to say this is very easy to use.

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