Switching over to Intuitivecare is seamless

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Quick switch-over for your agency

Fast onboarding for your team & carers

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No downtime for your team

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All existing data replicated

30-day software switchover plan

Helping forward-thinking agencies change their fostering software in 30 days so they can increase the quality of care without a loss in service.

Stage 1

Migration Plan

In order to plan the ideal migration we put together a plan based on a full assessment of your agency including users, placements and amount of data to be moved.

  1. Discuss
  2. Assess
  3. Schedule
Stage 2

Timesaving training

Your staff and carers will hit the ground running with training sessions and resources making sure they can seamlessly carry out their duties.

  1. Staff sessions
  2. Carer resources
  3. Training support
Stage 3

The Switchover

We will run your old and new fostering software at the same time so you can access your old data until you are happy to pull the plug.

  1. Run software in parallel 
  2. Cross reference systems
  3. Switchover when ready

A few questions we get asked about switching over

No. We only commence billing for Intuitivecare once its live.

Absolutely. As an agency without existing software, it’s even easier and quicker for you to get started. We aim to have new system users up and running within 7 days.

It’s highly unlikely, but in the event that the migration is unsuccessful, we would leave your existing software running, address the issues and try again. In any event, you would not be charged for Intuitivecare until the migration were successful. 

We evaluate bespoke applications on a case by case basis, but providing we can gain access to your data, we are confident that we can migrate from any other software. 


For someone who's not very tech savvy, as you well know, I'm delighted to say this is very easy to use.

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5 evidencing factors that will wow your inspector

See how Intuitive Care can tick many of the evidencing requirements when you have an OFSTED or CIW visit.

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